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Banda Sea / Indonesia

Far Away - Banda Sea / Indonesia Far Away
Off the beaten tourist path, the MSV Amira is cruising with divers and marine Photographers amidst beautiful and untouched islands of the Indonesian Banda sea in search of the ultimate diving adventure. » PDF
(Heinz 14th ed. - 04/19)

Alor / Indonesia

Fish Soup - Alor / Indonesia Fish Soup
Pure pleasure! This original recipe originates from Indonesia. It is particularly diverse in exceptional ingredients. We just can’t get enough of it and serve it with octopus, moray eel, frogfish, coral, sponges and lots of fish. And there is no destination too far for a good soup. » PDF
(Scuba Diver 8th ed. - 01/2019)

Palau / Micronesia

The Eden of the Pacific - Palau / Micronesia The Eden of the Pacific
As Rose Kefrig discovered, Palau has a lot to offer: Sun, good hotels, excellent diving, currents, lots of wrecks, sharks, manta rays and a fair amount of historical stuff. The fact that ‘sex’ also comes into play was a new one to her! » PDF
(Scuba Diver 7th ed. - 12/2018)

Palau / Micronesia

Palau / Micronesia Palau
Palau has well earned a place to be amongst the top ten of the best diving regions. The little green islands in turquoise waters have become synonymous for a perfect diving holiday. It is abundant with coral reefs, sharks and wrecks! » PDF
(Heinz 10th ed. - 08/18)

Palau / Micronesia

Palau - Miracle of the sea Miracle of the sea
Rose Kefrig reckons that Palau deserves to be at the top of your ‘must-dive’ hit-list thanks to the rich blend of dramatic walls, atmospheric wartime wrecks and stunning marine life. » PDF
(Sport Diver 02/17)


The wreck of the Zakynthos The wreck of the Zakynthos
One rarely gets the opportunity to dive a relatively unknown wreck, especially in the Mediterranean. Udo and Rose Kefrig were fortunate to be among the first dive teams to visit the Zakynthos. » PDF
(Sport Diver 01/17)


Aqaba - A town full of surprises Aqaba - A town full of surprises
Aqaba Town is amazing. Clean, friendly, and cosmopolitan! We were taken aback by the friendliness of the locals. It is amazing to see the real estate booming and how quickly the apartments are selling to foreigners wanting to retire to the perfect location. » PDF
(Sport Diver 2016)


Jordan - A Kingdom for a diving holiday A Kingdom for a diving holiday
Diving and Culture - these two passions merge on the following pages in a unique way. Let us take you away on a journey to the Haschemite Kingdom of Jordan. » PDF
(unterwasser 03/16)


Maurotius - How to make a Coral Reef How to make a Coral Reef
1. Take an unwanted, decrepit, soon-to-be-scrapped ship. 2. Remove all toxins and potential debris. 3. Send it to rest, at last, in cobalt Mauritian waters. 4. Wait. 5. Watch new life bloom and multiply around it. » PDF
(BA High Life Magazine)


Egypt - Spoilt for Choice Spoilt for Choice
One trip, seven dive centres. Rose and Udo Kefrig give several good reasons why you should visit Egypt. » PDF
(Sport Diver 11/15)


Mauritius - A match made in heaven A match made in heaven
Rose and Udo Kefrig followed in the footsteps of world-famous author Mark Twain and visited the Indian Ocean paradise that is Mauritius. » PDF
(Sport Diver 03/15)


Jordan - The Golden Triangle The Golden Triangle
A world-class shipwreck, vibrant marine life and stunning corals, combined with majestic hidden cities and mind-blowing desert vistas, make Jordan the "trip of a lifetime", according to Rose and Udo Kefrig. » PDF
(Sport Diver 03/15)

Red Sea

Marsa Alam - An Oasis of Serenity An Oasis of Serenity
Do you wish to relax, spend some time in the slow lane and still manage to enjoy outstanding dive adventures right in front of your hotel door? Rose Kefrig knows of a good address in the southern Red Sea... » PDF
(Sport Diver 12/14)


The Forgotten Islands, Indonesia The Forgotten Islands
Hungry for adventure, Rose and Udo Kefrig head for Indonesia's Forgotten Islands, a place of spewing volcanoes, island tribes and astonishing dives. » PDF
(Sport Diver 10/14)


Coral Garden, Red Sea Coral Garden
Hidden away south of Safaga is an oasis of calm and quiet, a retreat from the rat race of modern society. We took the opportunity to dive and relax in this charming bay. » PDF
(Sport Diver 05/14)


Zakynthos Zakynthos
We want to dive, enjoy tranquil evenings in good company; we want to experience unspoilt nature, outstanding views and to be surrounded by the unmistakable atmosphere the Mediterranean has to offer. The holiday roulette ball starts to roll. Our choice is a small Ionian isle. » PDF
(Sport Diver 05/14)


Zakynthos Atoll avant-garde
There are many liveaboards in the Maldives. Most of them will take you on a tried-and-tested itinerary, however, there are those that head off the beaten track, as Rose and Udo Kefrig discovered when they joined the MV Sheena. » PDF
(Sport Diver 02/14)


The Feel Good Island The Feel Good Island
Diving and Wellness - if you seek both lavishly during your holiday, then the Maldives Island in Medhufushi Meemu Atoll is right for you. » PDF
(unterwasser 10/13)


Maldives - Southern Cross Southern Cross
Big schools of fish during the day and hungry nurse sharks by night. In the Maldives with the liveaboard MY Sheena you will always be in the right place - and often reach pristine places far in the south of the archipelago. » PDF
(unterwasser 07/13)


Palau - Return of a survivor Return of a survivor
The Japanese Tomimatsu Ishikawa is one of a few survivors left during the attack on the supply ship "Iro" sunk in Palau during the Battle of World War II. At an advanced age Ishikawa learned how to scuba dive - 60 years later he returns to visit his old, sunken ship. » PDF
(unterwasser 06/13)


Filitheyo - Das Tor zum Süden Filitheyo - The Gate to the South
Around twelve years ago the Maledives tourism took a giant leap towards the south. Filitheyo in the North Nilandhoo Atoll was the first stopover and still is the only resort there. » PDF
(unterwasser 02/13)


Robinson's Return, Maldives Robinson's Return
Bathala, once called the "Cradel of diving in the Maldives". Later in the 80's promoted as the ultimative highlight for any diver and despite all of this, soon after almost forgotten. Today the tiny "Robinson Island" in the North Ari Atoll is on its way to a sensational comeback. » PDF
(unterwasser 08/12)

Red Sea

Shooting Red Shooting Red
The Red Sea is he number one Dive Distination for Europeans. From colorful coral reefs, to daring and numerous wreck dives, the Red Sea continues to amaze divers and challenge underwater photographers. » PDF
(ScubaDiver-TTL 07/12)

Makadi Bay / Red Sea

Makadi Bay, Red Sea A Fine Holiday Address
If you want to comletely relax and explore the Red Sea, use the time between diving, wellness, entertainment and not miss the Nightlife, will find in Makadi Bay , not far from the coastal town of Hurghada, a suitable place. » PDF
(unterwasser 04/12)


Palau - On the Trail of Nature On the Trail of Nature
The Pacific Island State of Palau is rich in underwater-treasures. The first to recognize this was Cousteau in the year of 1968 on the Calypso. To date the destination has lost none of its diving charm. The conservation of nature is more difficult. » PDF
(unterwasser 02/12)

Sharm el Sheikh

Sharm el Sheikh - Operation Desertfox Operation Desertfox
In the front Corals, behind Desert and Mountains, and between a vibrant Hustle. That is Sharm el Sheikh. It is only a short distance from Naama Bay the Egyptian Red Sea-Beachresort to the Reefs of the Sinai-Peninsula. » PDF
(unterwasser 01/12)


Titanic of the Caribbean Titanic of the Caribbean
50 Years ago the cruise liner Bianca C sank of the south coast of Grenada. Today she is one of the largest Wrecks of the Caribbean and has divers flocking o visit her. For Wreck Divers she is an absolute must. » PDF
(unterwasser 01/12)


Mauritius - One for All One for All
A Dreambeach and fantastic Divespots - all that only a few meters from civilization and corner shops. Throw in sunshine, a colourful mix of different cultures and still bearable prices. This combination is rare - unless you find yourself in Mauritius. » PDF
(unterwasser 10/11)


Germany - Dive Location Garden Pond Dive Location Garden Pond
A special Lake is to be found in Westphalia, Ibbenbüren. Upon closer inspection it is only a pond, but under the searoses and foliage is something magical hidden. » PDF
(unterwasser 10/11)

Red Sea

Red Sea - The Pioneers The Pioneers
44 Years ago, Pioneers of Real True Grit and Tenacity arrived in the Desert of Sharm el Sheikh to see their names set in Stone forever. Claus Peter Stoll went to visit a few of these Veterans to write down their extraodinary stories. » PDF
(unterwasser 09/11)

North Sulawesi / Indonesia

North Sulawesi/Indonesia - Greetings from the Galaxy Greetings from the Galaxy
"It was like exploring the stars!" When the dive safari reaches its conclusion then you can truly call them explorers. From a trip to the "Ring of Fire" in the waters of North Sulawesi. » PDF
(unterwasser 07/11)

Marsa Alam / Red Sea

Marsa Alam/Rotes Meer - Gone diving Gone diving
Anyone who loves peace and solitude can just fall outside the door into the house reef and top diving sites like "Elphinstone" which can be achieved by splendid boats at the Oasis Dive Resort in Marsa Alam, southern Egypt. » PDF
(unterwasser 07/11)

Malpelo / Columbia

Malpelo/Kolumbien - Gipfel-Treffen Reaching the Peak
They still exist, those 'white spots' in the diving world. However, they are not easily accessible. There are great distances still to be overcome in the eastern Pacific. But then, if you still dare, Coiba and Malpelo astound your eyes. » PDF
(unterwasser 12/10)

Kreidesee / Germany

Kreidesee/Deutschland - Tief in der Kreide
Deep in the Kreide
Car wrecks, conveyor belts and a shaker: In Kreidesee, divers from Hemmoor visit a sunken industrial landscape. » PDF
(unterwasser 12/10)

Red Sea

Rotes Meer - Tiefer in den Süden In the Deep South
Only a few years ago the the road stopped a hundred kilometres south of Safaga. Today you can visit the Red Sea Coast from Marsa Alam right up to beyond Hamata. And soon, perhaps even more. » PDF
(unterwasser 11/10)

Hurghada / Red Sea

Hurghada/Red Sea - Beweis-Aufnahme
Recording evidence
Nothing is as constant as change. This also applies to Hurghada - the former fishing village that was the Egyptian diving Boom Town. But does this also apply to the underwater world of the Red Sea city? » PDF
(unterwasser 10/10)

El Gouna / Red Sea

El Gouna/Red Sea - Gegenentwurf
Clean, safe and stylish. El Gouna should be considered quite different from Hurghada. What was to the concept of the lagoon-resort creators? We take stock 20 years after the "foundation stone" was laid in the Red Sea. » PDF
(unterwasser 03/10)

Moluccas / Indonesia

Molukken/Indonesia - Törn mit Tiefenschärfe
A cruise with focus
"Enjoy it, where the pepper grows!" This is not meant to be a rebuke. On the contrary. The Indonesian Moluccas, also known as the Spice Islands, cast a spell. With a lot of originality and the unexpected... » PDF
(unterwasser 02/10)

Torpedo Riders

Nord-Sulawesi/Indonesia - Die Wüste lebt
Assumption of Command
Sitting astride a torpedo attacking enemy ships - a veritable suicide mission! Very imaginative and successful in this type of naval warfare: the Italian Navy, with its legendary "maiale". » PDF
(unterwasser 12/09)

North-Sulawesi / Indonesia

Nord-Sulawesi/Indonesia - Die Wüste lebt
The Living Desert
Some bizarre and lovely small animals, the other reefs have a magnificent cliffs and large formations. An unsolvable problem? Not at all! Rather, a stroke of luck for the course of the dive vessel "Liburan". » PDF
(unterwasser 08/09)

MY Sheena / Maldives

M/Y Sheena/Malediven - Atoll-Avantgardist
Avant-garde Atoll
There are many liveaboard vessels in the Maldives. Most are on their way to well-known destinations. But, there are also trips outside the mainstream! » PDF
(unterwasser 07/09)

Palau / Micronesia

Palau/Mikronesien - Magisches Terzett
Zoological Time-travel
A living fossil meets diving! With snorkeling in a lake of ancient jellyfish. Lay in wait for crocodiles in the mangroves. Animal surprises on the Pacific island of Palau. » PDF
(unterwasser 03/09)

Safaga / Red Sea

Safaga/Red Sea - Korallengarten
Coral Garden
If a tour operator an opened an old dive site, there must be a reason. In the case of Orca Bay at Gassous, Safaga on the Red Sea in Egypt there was the reason; the offshore "all-round housereef". » PDF
(unterwasser 03/09)

Sinai / Red Sea

Sinai/Red Sea - Spezial
Special Sinai
Unique cliffs, colorful coral, wrecks without end - the diving tourism in the Sinai has been booming for the past 35 years. And is slowly but surely putting others in the shade. » PDF
(Sporttaucher 02/09)

Rosalie Moller / Red Sea

São Tomé & Principe/Westafrika - Neue Welle
Homage to an Old Lady
A terrific wreck our authors had tracked down at Gubal Island in1995 in the depths of the Red Sea. But that relic of a ship is standing proud 50 meters below sea level on an even keel? The beginning of a passion with depth... » PDF
(unterwasser 10/08)

Wreck Diving

São Tomé & Principe/Westafrika - Neue Welle
Dive below deck: Things to look for and where to find the most exciting wrecks in the world. » PDF
(Sporttaucher 09/08)

Samaranger See / Austria

Samaranger See/Österreich - Mythos
The Samaranger See Myth
Incredibly lonely, incredibly cold, incredible view: The Samaranger See. We get to the bottom of the myth. » PDF
(unterwasser 09/08)

Kreidesee / Germany

Kreidesee/Germany - Beispielhaft
Sunken industrial monuments, good visibility, great infrastructure - The Kreidesee of Hemmoor is the number one diving venue in the north of the Republic. » PDF
(unterwasser 08/08)

Palau / Micronesia

Palau/Mikronesien - Magisches Terzett
The Magic Trio
Today, drop-offs and caves, the day after tomorrow, wrecks! All this can be explored on a Palau diving safari. » PDF
(unterwasser 03/08)


Mauritius - Doppel-Sieger
Double Winners
When a destination a paradise? Is it when you like celebrities? Maybe. Is it when you like diving holidays? Certainly. Mauritius in the Indian Ocean wins twice. » PDF
(unterwasser 07/08)

Pacific Battlefields. Part 5

Schlachtfelder Pazifik - Guadalcanal, Todesfalle
Guadalcanal - Deathtrap
For about half a year, from August 1942 to February 1943, Americans and Japanese fought over the seemingly insignificant island group in the Solomon Islands. Bitter battles of hardship - on land, sea and air. » PDF
(unterwasser 08/08)

Pacific Battlefields. Part 4

Schlachtfelder Pazifik - Truk Lagoon, Stählerner Sarg
Truk Lagoon - Steel Coffin
The Japanese submarine I-169 attempted in April 1944 to crash dive before the U.S. airstrikes hit Truk Lagoon. The crew members had no idea that that morning they would see the sun for the last time. » PDF
(unterwasser 07/08)

Pacific Battlefields. Part 3

Schlachtfelder Pazifik - Coron Bay, Truk Lagoon der Philippinen
Coron Bay - Truk Lagoon of the Philippines
War Year 1944: The military situation in the Pacific Ocean has turned in favor of the Americans, and 24th September America struck again in the Philippines. Nearly twenty Japanese warships sunk. » PDF
(unterwasser 01/08)

Grenada / Caribbean

Grenada/Karibik - Pikanter Knotenpunkt
Spicy Intersection
By crusaders and skippers alike the "Spice Island", Grenada was a target for a long time. But now divers are there properly. » PDF
(unterwasser 12/07)

Truk Lagoon

São Tomé & Principe/Westafrika - Neue Welle
Sixty-three years ago they became a grave for over 3,000 Japanese soldiers. Today, they act like a magnet to wreck divers from around the world: the sunken ships, submarines and aircraft The Truk Lagoon. » PDF
(unterwasser 12/07)

Pacific Battlefields. Part 2

Schlachtfelder Pazifik - Truk Lagoon, Operation Hagelkorn
Truk Lagoon - Operation Hailstone
In the attack on Truk Lagoon, the U.S. Navy sank numerous Japanese ships and aircraft, and took revenge for Pearl Harbour - and left to posterity the most spectacular, if not entirely uncontroversial diving. » PDF
(unterwasser 11/07)

Pacific Battlefields. Part 1

Schlachtfelder Pazifik - Die Schlacht um Midway
The Battle of Midway
1942: One of the biggest sea battles The history loses its U.S. Navy aircraft carrier USS Yorktown. More than half a century later, an expedition sets out to search for the Giant - and finds her in more than 5000 meters deep. » PDF
(unterwasser 07/07)

São Tomé & Principe / West Africa

São Tomé & Principe/Westafrika - Neue Welle
New Wave
The small island republic of Sao Tome & Principe and also should be applied to the little-known Ilheu Rolas as an insider tip. Here, in the Gulf of Guinea and near the end of the world, are waiting almost untouched places for the visitor in the stormy South Atlantic. » PDF
(unterwasser 04/07)

Wrecks of the Maldives

São Tomé & Principe/Westafrika - Neue Welle
Anyone who thinks that the word 'Maldives' may only think fantastic coral worlds, big fish or the house reefs lonely islands. However, this archipelago offers much more: Sunken ships from many eras are waiting to be discovered. » PDF
(unterwasser 01/07)

Zeeland / The Netherlands

Zeeland/Niederlande - Gezähmte Wasserwelt
Tamed Waterworld
Dive into the North Sea? Our Dutch neighbors have been doing it for a long time. When will you explore the varied waters of the province of Zeeland? » PDF
(unterwasser 06/06)

SS Thistlegorm / Red Sea

São Tomé & Principe/Westafrika - Neue Welle
Hit! Sunk!
In 1941 German He 111 pilots sent the British freighter SS Thistlegorm to the seabed - and brought the posterity of the most dived wreck in the Red Sea. A crowd favorite, The rewards are always the mysteries. » PDF
(unterwasser 05/04)